Tree Planting

Branch Out and Plant a Tree

Most gifts are given to only one person. When you plant a tree, you give a gift to everyone. Plant a tree in San Luis Obispo County to celebrate an event, honor someone special, and to know that you have contributed to our park habitats.

Announcement 12/17: The SLO County is in process of re-organizing our donation program. This includes are benches with plaques and our tree program. So at this time, until we complete our re-organization, will not be accepting donations at this time. tree order form.  


PARK                                      TREE REQUEST

Biddle Park                                                            Oak, Sycamore

Lopez Lake Recreation Area                              Live and Valley Oak, Sycamore, Alder, Chinese Elm

Bob Jones Bike Trail                                            Oak

Coastal Dunes RV Park                                       Redwood

Oceano Memorial Park                                       Cypress, Redwood

Nipomo Community Park                                    Any

El Chorro Regional Park                                     Oak, Sycamore

Heilmann Regional Park                                      Oaks

Rios Caledonia Adobe                                        Any

San Miguel Park                                                   Any

Santa Margarita Park                                          Sycamore

Santa Margarita Lake                                          Oak, Sycamore

Shandon Park                                                       Any

Templeton Park                                                    Oaks                                      


Tree Descriptions:

Big Leaf Maple
Shape is broad, topped, dense, grows to 30-95 feet tall, leaves are lobed, 6-15 inches wide
Box Elder
Shape is broad, topped, dense, grows fast to 60 feet tall, leaves are oval 2-5 inches wide
California Bay
Shape is often multi trunked, grows 20-25 feet tall, leaves are wide pointed tip, 1/2-1 in. long, 2.5 in. wide
California Laurel
Shape is always neat, grows 75-100 feet tall yellow, shape 1-inch wide, 2-5 inches long
California Sycamore
Shape is graceful limbs fast, grows 50-100 feet tall, leaves are lobed, 4-9 inches long
Chinese Elm
Shape is narrow, willow, grows 40-60 feet tall oval, leathery, leaves are1 inch wide, 1 inch long
Coast Live Oak
Shape is rounded, wide, grows spreading 30-95 feet tall rounded, leaves are holly-like, 1-3 inches long
Shape is cone, upright 40-60 feet tall lobed, maple-like leaves, fall colors
Modesto Ash
Shape round shade tree 50 tall, 30 feet wide glossy, medium leaflets
Shape is egg shaped, grows fast to 60 feet tall sharply pointed, leaves are 4 inches long
Raywood Ash
Shape is rounded shade tree, grows fast to 40-80 feet tall large, leaves are dark green
Shape is dense, thick, grows to 15-25 feet tall, leaves are dark green 2 inches long, red berries
White Alder
Shape is tall and wide, grows very fast to 50-90 feet tall coarse, leaves are dark green, 2-4 inches long